Policy Research

Faculty, students, and staff focused on producing interdisciplinary, policy-relevant research on global grand challenges ,especially in areas of strategic focus for Discovery Park.

Community Engagement Grant for Social Justice Research

The Indiana chapter of Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) invites proposals for faculty to conduct research in collaboration with a community partner to address a pressing social justice issue. Faculty at any Indiana college or university are encouraged to apply. Up to $3,000 is available to support a community-based research project. The funds can be used for such items as supplies and expenses, student support, and payments to research participants. Click HERE to learn more.

Policy Briefs Library

Search this online collection of policy-related university scholarship, or contact us.

Fellowship Opportunities

The Purdue Policy Research Institute offers fellowship opportunities to faculty involved in policy-relevant research, and undergraduate students interested in policy-relevant research.

Policy Certificates

Add an interdisciplinary, policy-relevant credential to your degree! See the list of certificates that we offer.

PPRI Excellence in Research Award

The PPRI Policy Research Award recognizes accomplishment in high-impact, interdisciplinary policy research. These awards are open to Purdue faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students. Awards are presented at our Spring reception.

Scholars Strategy Network (SSN)

Further your reach, join the network! Purdue leads the Indiana chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network.

The Scholars Strategy Network (SSN) seeks to improve public policy and strengthen democracy by connecting scholars and their research to policymakers, citizens associations, and the media. SSN members believe that university scholars should share their work with fellow citizens – and they endeavor to further good public policymaking and responsive democratic government.

The Scholars Strategy Network is a nationwide, voluntary, interdisciplinary membership organization for academics. The network is comprised of more than 800 scholars from more than 200 colleges, universities, and research institutions in 44 states.

Scholars organize in 31 regional chapters across the nation, including an active and growing chapter in Indiana, led by Purdue University’s Dr. Rosalee Clawson,
Dr. Shelley MacDermid Wadsworth, Dr. Leigh Raymond, and Dr. Robin Stryker.

Becoming a Member

Contact SSN’s Director of Research & Policy, Ben Miyamoto (ben@scholars.org), who will provide the profile form and a policy brief writing guide, necessary to submit before being admitted as a member.

PPRI offers Policy Brief Workshops during the academic year, and is available to assist with policy briefs year-round. Visit the PPRI events page for workshop dates, or contact us atppri@purdue.edu for assistance.