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None of us know when the next emergency will strike or what form it will take. What we do know is that we must do our best to be ready to confront a broad cross-section of threats, natural or man-made. The Purdue Homeland Security Institute (PHSI) team has partnered with public safety responders across the State of Indiana to help prepare for various emergencies that might threaten our State’s citizens. Our goal is simple…that is, to enhance our State’s ability to respond to any emergency that threatens our citizens or our critical infrastructure. Based on the testimony of these past exercise programs, we are proud of our track record and confident in our abilities to increase emergency preparedness capabilities at the local, district or state level.



  • PHSI has designed, facilitated, and executed several drills, tabletop exercises, and functional/full-scale exercises that are based on national planning scenarios and target capabilities.
  • PHSI provides training and plan evaluation.
  • Concurrent computerized simulation support is available.
  • PHSI training and exercises are compliant with HSEEP and NIMS criteria.
  • Full documentation of all PHSI-designed exercises includes writing exercise plans, controller/evaluator plans, player handbooks, and after action review and improvement plans.
  • Through the strength of campus-wide collaboration, PHSI offers subject matter expertise and reach-back capabilities in order to realistically address any scenario or target capability.
  • In 2009, PHSI will be able to offer continuing education units to exercise participants.
Target audiences are on the state, district, and local levels and including the following:
  • Emergency management, law enforcement and fire services.
  • Public health, EMS and hospitals.
  • Political and appointed leadership, public information officers and media.
  • Local and State governmental agencies.
  • Government aid agencies, volunteer and faith-based groups.


Drills and Exercises

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