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Purdue Electric Vehicle Initiative: ReCharging The Generations

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A $6 million grant to a Purdue led team, titled the Indiana Advanced Electric Vehicle Training and Education Consortium (I-AEVtec) to educate and train the workforce needed to design, manufacture and maintain advanced electric vehicles. As an energy and security project we emphasize on the conservation of energy for the vehicles.

Workforce Development

  • Work closely with industry to develop degree/certificate programs in technology and engineering for design, manufacture and maintenance of advanced electric vehicles
  • Develop Certificate program in electric vehicle safety for emergency responders


  • Produce web-enabled courses on batteries, fuel cells, motors, electronics and control systems, EV, PHEV and FCV technologies, hybrid engines, smart grid technology and consumer education and preferences
  • Establish the SmartEnergyHub, an interactive web-based informational outlet on electric vehicles, batteries, smart grid and wind, including material for collegiate K-12 and the general public
  • Develop certified educational modules for secondary schools on electric vehicle technology that meet Indiana’s curricula requirements for classroom use

Economic Development

  • Build active partnerships with industry & government to ensure that the educational products meet the demands and dynamic needs of the electric vehicle industry
  • Develop an Electric Vehicle Grand Prix Go-Kart race to inspire students to commit to a career in electric vehicle technology (Purdue evGrand Prix)


  • Indiana’s unique electric connection with the auto industry, battery manufacturing, wind , research, power distribution
  • Fossil fuels limited, rising costs - need for alternative powered, clean, efficient affordable transportation
  • Electric motors – more efficient, less complex, better performance, no emissions (Go Green)
  • New technologies – batteries, drive train, control systems, power grid for distribution
  • Engineering, Technology, Science Expertise of I-AEVtec Partners: Purdue, Ivy Tech, Notre Dame, IUPUI, IU-NW, Purdue Calumet
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  • Discovery:
    • Electric Drive - EV,PHEV, FCV, Motors, Electronics & Control Systems, Hybrid Engines
    • Power Storage – Batteries, Smart Grid Integration, Wind Power Systems/integration
    • Faculty research and industry application
  • Learning:
    • Training the electric vehicle workforce of today and the future.
    • Degree/Certificate programs-Technology & Engineering for design/manufacture/maintenance of advanced electric vehicles (AS/BS/MS). Current and Future workforce - Campus/Web - based/Onsite
  • Engagement:
    • Industry - Students (Projects/Classroom/Interns/Co-Ops/Hires)
    • Motorsports - Service/Project, Continuing Education – Teams/Students
    • Outreach - Change A Generation: 4-H & K-12 Programs/ Information (Smart Energy Hub)
    • Purdue evGrandPrix - Inspire students to develop future sustainable/environmentally, friendly electric vehicle transportation technologies for future generations
    • Multi-disciplinary student teams design, build and race the fastest and most energy-efficient battery powered go-Karts, using engineering and systems principles learned in the classroom, proven on the track
    • Strategy and skill based - Team dynamics
    • Scoring - Race, design, energy use, outreach
    • Purdue & Regional Events

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