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Purdue Homeland Security Training

Purdue Homeland Security Training

Purdue Homeland Security Training



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Purdue Homeland Security Institute

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Purdue Homeland Security Institute

Training & Exercise Readiness Program



The Purdue Homeland Security Institute (PHSI) is committed to helping you meet the challenges of protecting Indiana's citizens, no matter when the next emergency strikes or what form it takes. We have a proven track record with both local and state agencies of improving public safety programs and will customize our services to help you achieve your specific readiness goals. Specifically, we can design emergency response exercises that will identify gaps, recommend plan improvements, enhance response coordination and efficiency, and increase overall effectiveness. All these factors unquestionably impact your bottom line by increasing your capacity to save both lives and property.



  • Exercise Design, Facilitation & Execution: Drills, Tabletop, Functional & Full-Scale Purdue Continuing Education Units (CEUs) available
  • Training & Evaluation: Operations & Plans Evaluations
  • Concurrent Computerized Simulation Support: Measuring Public Health, Public Opinion & Economic Impacts
  • Compliance with HSEEP & NIMS Criteria
    Full Documentation: Exercise Plan, Controller Plan, Evaluation Plan, Player Handbook & After Action Review and Improvement Plan


Target Audience

  • Law Enforcement, Fire Services, EMS
  • Emergency Management, Hospitals, Public Health
  • School Corporations
  • Political and Appointed Leadership, Media
  • Government Aid Agencies, Volunteer, Faith-Based Groups


Recent Accomplishments

  • IN Districts 4, 7 and 10 involving 6 counties: Tabletop exercises on Strategic Plan for Delivery of Essential Healthcare Services with over 200 participants from hospitals, local health providers and county partners
  • State of Indiana (94 Local Public Health Departments): Focused Drills, Tabletops, and Functional Exercises for Pandemic Flu Preparedness
  • IN District 3 (11 counties): Tabletop & Full-Scale Exercises with >350 participants
  • IN District 4 (9 counties): Tabletop & Full-Scale Exercises with >500 participants
  • Southern Indiana Bioterror Attack & Defense: Simulation Support for Muscatatuck-Based Full-Scale Exercise
  • DOE - EMHE Campus Safety





Our Pledge is to be a worthy and caring partner as we help you achieve your emergency preparedness goals.
Please contact us to discuss your specific exercise and training needs.

Homeland Security Courses

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Purdue Homeland Security Institute 

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