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K-12 Emergency Preparedness & Planning

K-12 Emergency Preparedness & Planning


In order to ensure the safety of children enrolled in primary and secondary schools, the Purdue Homeland Security institute is actively engaged in on-going research initiatives relating to how K-12 schools preparing for, responding to, and recovering from natural & man-made threats. Preparing for natural & man-made threats in a K-12 school environment is uniquely different than preparing for these types of threats in other environments due to:

  • The high concentration of minors
  • The vast differences in size of campuses
  • The functional needs of students ranging from Kindergarten to High School
  • The limited space provided  for student movement within the school
  • The lack of on-site transportation methods to move all students off-site if needed.
  • The lack of emergency notification options available to notify students directly

Partnering with the Indiana Department of Education, the Purdue Homeland Security Institute conducted two break-out sessions at the Indiana School Safety Specialist Academy April Training Session on how to implement low-impact, actionable, table-top exercises with school faculty and staff in small group sessions. While the presentation was specifically related to bomb threats, we have created a threat assessment tool that schools can use for an all-hazards approach to bolster their planning, preparedness, response , and recovery from school emergencies.


In addition to the threat assessment tool, the Purdue Homeland Security Institute can provide:

  • Workshops in emergency preparedness and the all-hazards approach
  • Tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercise planning and facilitation
  • Agent-based modeling for school evacuation
  • Guidance in establishing sustainable partnerships with local public safety responders, and community organizations to support active stakeholder collaborations.

K-12 threat assessment tool

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