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          Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, cities, states and the nation have been forced to reexamine their respective mission of not only enhancing security, but how to best maximize their capabilities and capacities for regional resiliency to catastrophic events.

          The City of Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC), on behalf of the Chicago Urban Area (UA) and the IL-IN-WI Combined Statistical Area (CSA), is making available Homeland Security assistance, through the FY 2008 Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program (RCPGP) to Institutions of Higher Learning to directly assist the CSA region with the development of regional plans for a catastrophic incident. Purdue Homeland Security Institute (PHSI) will be working with the City of Chicago to create a Regional Hub Reception Center (RHRC) Planning Guide which will be used to provide assistance to jurisdictions within the IL-IN-WI Combined Statistical Area (CSA).

  1. A Regional Hub Reception Center Planning Guide: a detailed guideline with the necessary steps for jurisdictions to take in support of the Regional Catastrophic Incident Coordination Plan and Regional Mass Care and Sheltering Annex will be developed. The plan will present procedures and processes needed to define roles and responsibilities of governmental, private sector and not-for-profit organizations responsible for providing masse care and sheltering services; it will provide guidelines for identifying and assessing capabilities and capacities of potential Hub Reception Centers; and it will define RHRC operations and their relationship to adjacent spoke shelters.

  2. Regional Hub Reception Center Operational Plan Template: This planning template will be developed to ensure consistency and to assist in the development of individual site specific RHRC operational facility plans.

  3. Regional Hub Reception Center Training Program: will include three training programs, which are the Planning Guide Training, the RHRC Operations Training, and the RHRC Just-In-Time Training.

    • Planning Guide Training - A training program designed for emergency managers, facility owners/operators and other appropriate jurisdictional personnel will be developed that provides step by step guidance on the development of a Regional Hub Reception Center (RHRC) Operational Plan.

    • RHRC Operations Training -RHRC operations training curriculum and associated training materials will be developed in partnership with the American Red Cross. RHRC operations training will be geared toward individuals who will serve as managers and supervisors in RHRC operations.

    • RHRC Just-In-time Training - This program will focus on developing a curriculum that can be presented to agencies and volunteers who will provide line staff necessary to carry out many of the Essential Support Services (ESS) offered at an RHRC.

  4. Regional Mass Care & Sheltering Outreach Strategy: The goal of this entire project is to develop and present tools that can be utilized by CSA jurisdictions and organizations to increase their capability and capacity to address an influx of evacuees resulting from a regional catastrophic incident.The Outreach Strategy will define the necessary outreach components that will contribute to the efficient and effective operations of an RHRC.

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