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Technology Transfer - Overview

The goal of the Center’s technology transfer program is to make the results of research available to the potential users in a form that can be directly implemented, utilized or otherwise applied. Two key elements of technology transfer include knowledge transfer to transportation professionals and opportunities for commercialization of research results. In addition to the new knowledge presented in the classroom, transportation professionals will be informed of the findings of the Center through reports, seminars, workshops, published papers, newsletters, and the website.

Since its inception, the NEXTRANS Center has:

  • Welcomed guests from the U.S. and Canadian diplomatic missions, Transport Canada, U.S. Department of Transportation, private-sector stakeholders, and researchers to the NEXTRANS Center at Purdue University for a day-long international conference titled, "In Step, In Line, On Time: Regional Strategies for Trade, Security, and Mobility Challenges at the U.S. - Canada Border." Held November 16, 2009, the conference focused on the Great Lakes Region, addressing issues of trade and security, policy, infrastructure and the role of research.
  • Hosted a day-long Summit at Purdue University titled “Exploring Partnerships for Innovative Transportation and Logistics Solutions.” Held on May 5, 2008, this event was an opportunity for high-level stakeholders in the federal, state and local governments, industry, university, and non-profit sectors to meet and engage in dialogue. Participants examined holistic approaches for addressing issues of congestion, mobility, safety, and infrastructure renewal by leveraging technology, financing, and public-private partnerships. More than 165 participants attended, including faculty and students from partner universities, other UTCs, and public sector officials.
  • Sponsored lectures at Purdue, OSU, and UIUC as part of the NEXTRANS Seminar Series. These events featured scholars from top universities including the University of California-Berkeley, Pennsylvania State University, Virginia Tech, Northwestern, the Israel Institute of Technology, and Vanderbilt University.
  • Attended numerous conferences and meetings for transportation professionals, many of which featured panels led by NEXTRANS faculty members.
  • Fostered a commitment to technology transfer at the regional, national, and international level by cultivating partnerships, sponsoring visiting scholars, sharing research results, undertaking joint-research initiatives, and disseminating publications in print and electronic form.

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