USDOT Region V Regional University Transportation Center

Project Solicitation

The research project selection process for the NEXTRANS Center is a two phase process. In the first phase, a Call for Research Need Statements (RNSs) is issued to NEXTRANS Research Partners and potential transportation-related stakeholders. The RNSs are screened by the NEXTRANS Center for thematic relevance and reviewed by the NEXTRANS Advisory Council for national and regional significance before being forwarded to the NEXTRANS Executive Committee (EC) for ranking.

During the second phase, the EC invites full proposals for the highest-ranking RNSs from the faculty/staff of the NEXTRANS university partners. Each full proposal is internally reviewed by the EC for quality and externally peer reviewed for merit by a minimum of three people, including at least one individual from the USDOT. The Executive Committee selects projects that will receive funding based on peer evaluations and a holistic approach that ensures that the various dimensions of the Center theme, USDOT priorities, and multiparty arrangements are being satisfied.

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