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The holistic solutions proposed by NEXTRANS require not only a new generation of paradigms and research, but a new generation of partnerships that leverage the resources of different transportation stakeholders through a more integrated approach. In the delivery of its research, education, and outreach programs, NEXTRANS relies on innovative partnerships that optimize the utilization of available resources and maximize outcome value.

Rather than relying on one partnership model, NEXTRANS uses an open architecture that is based on commonality of goals, comparative advantages and emerging opportunities. These partnerships can be at the local, regional, national, and global level; with other universities, UTCs, or research centers; with the private sector, public sector or non-profit organizations; in the areas of research, education or outreach. In research, NEXTRANS uses a variety of project types in forming partnerships with state departments of transportation. Depending upon the project components and fund distribution, these projects are categorized as joint, interlocking or supplemental. The resources being shared are also varied and can include items such as actual cash, in-kind, data, and equipment. Finally, these partnerships are not static and limited to one point or timeframe during the lifetime of a project or activity; they are ongoing, dynamic and interactive.

By fostering these innovative partnerships, NEXTRANS is able to collaborate on research that meets shared goals, maximize its resources, leverage the world's most innovative technologies and practices, and create a higher value for research results through efficient technology transfer.

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