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Spring 2015 Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate Program

Fall 2014 Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate Program

  • The Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate Program

    The NEXTRANS Center has undertaken an initiative with other regional university transportation centers to participate in the Transportation Leadership Graduate Certificate (TLGC) Program. This program is an award-winning, nationally recognized certificate program that provides online transportation graduate courses to transportation professionals. The TLGC creates an opportunity for professional growth and transportation workforce development. The TLGC is a unique way to simultaneously fulfill professional development (PDH) requirements, complete continuing education credits, and earn graduate-level credits. Sponsored by the regional university transportation centers, the program is endorsed by federal, state and private sector transportation leaders.

    The TLGC is a post-baccalaureate certificate in transportation and is offered completely online. The program attracts transportation students from around the globe who desire to expand their knowledge beyond a bachelor's degree, earn graduate-level credit or complete professional development hours (PDH). The courses are offered through top transportation education programs at accredited universities in the United States by leading transportation faculty, ensuring high-quality courses.

    Earning a certificate in transportation provides professionals in the industry further or continuing education. It also guides those in related disciplines, like civil engineering or environmental engineering, as they move into the transportation workforce. The TLGC transportation classes cover vital information regarding design and operation of highways, the movement of people and freight, air transport facilities, water transportation, and transit. Transportation course topics include:

    • - Traffic safety
    • - Traffic engineering
    • - Transportation planning
    • - Logistics and supply chain management
    • - Transportation policy
    • - Transportation management
    • - Transportation planning
    • - Transportation systems
    • - Transportation industry

    For more information on the TLGC Program, download the PDF below and visit for an opportunity to enroll in courses.

  • Outreach Course Provides Training for Transportation Professionals

    June 8-9, 2009, NEXTRANS and the Joint Transportation Research Program (JTRP) at Purdue University co-sponsored a two-day outreach course on travel demand model theory.

    Held in conjunction with the Indiana Department of Transportation's (INDOT) annual TransCAD software training event, the course was led by Srinivas Peeta (NEXTRANS Director), Jon Fricker (Investigator), and Hillel Bar-Gera (Visiting Scholar). The two-day course provided in-depth information regarding the common 4-step modeling methods, theory, and best practices. Topics addressed included trip generation, trip distribution, traffic assignment, and travel demand forecasting.

    In addition to gaining exposure to theory, participants were given hands-on exercises and sample problems. Participants who attended both days of training were eligible to receive Continuing Education (CEU) Credit.

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