USDOT Region V Regional University Transportation Center


The NEXTRANS Center is the USDOT Region V Regional University Transportation Center, and covers the states of Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Center was established in 2007 based on an award from USDOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) to conduct a multidisciplinary program of transportation research, education, and technology transfer.

NEXTRANS is led by Purdue University. Its major university partner is The Ohio State University. Other partners include: Central State University, Chicago State University, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Trine University, University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin - Madisn.

Non-university partners of the Center include the Indiana DOT (INDOT), Illinois DOT (IDOT), Ohio DOT (ODOT), Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, Chicago DOT, Regional Planning Boards, FHWA state offices, state LTAPs, Ports of Indiana, NASA, and GCM Coalition within the public sector. The Association of American Railroads, Transportation Technology Center Inc., Central Indiana Corporate Partnership (CICP), NAVTEQ, Delphi, Motorola, SemMaterials, and Clever Devices, Inc. are among NEXTRANS’ private sector partners. These partners, along with other academic institutions, professional societies, professional associations and laboratories, provide a combination of financial, technical, logistical, and strategic collaborations for the Center’s research, education, outreach, and technology transfer programs and activities.

The NEXTRANS Center is administered by Purdue University’s Discovery Park. The Center is located off-campus within the Purdue Research Park.

Dr. Srinivas Peeta, professor of civil engineering at Purdue University, is the director of the NEXTRANS Center.


The vision of the NEXTRANS Center is to seek integrated and sustainable transportation solutions across multiple stakeholders, and address them in the context of the research, education, workforce development, and technology transfer goals of the Center.  The Center will foster the principles of integration and sustainability in developing solutions that range from concepts to deployment in the context of policy, planning, design, implementation, operations, maintenance, and management of transportation-related needs.

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