USDOT Region V Regional University Transportation Center

Governing Structure

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for setting strategy, approving budgets and making final decisions on Center project funding. It is chaired by the NEXTRANS Center Director. It meets several times a year as required by the Center’s programs and activities.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council provides strategic and programmatic guidance for the NEXTRANS Center. It fosters vital links between the Center and the transportation community at large and ensures that activities and goals are synergistic with regional and national needs of value to stakeholders. The INDOT Commissioner chairs the Advisory Council.

Center Staff

The Center’s staff consists of the NEXTRANS Center director, managing director, research associates, communications specialist and secretary.

The director is responsible for overall Center operation in collaboration with the Executive Committee and Advisory Council. His broad duties include multiparty coordination, council/committee meeting administration, external representation, fund management, program administration, and sustainability assurance.

The managing director provides day-to-day supervision of the NEXTRANS Center staff and operation, oversees the delivery of the Center’s research and education programs and outreach activities, and facilitates coordination between various internal and external organizational partners and entities.

The communications specialist writes and designs all newsletters, annual reports, and promotional materials; maintains and updates the NEXTRANS Center website; and coordinates outreach and educational programs.

The Center’s research associates complement the large number of the NEXTRANS Center faculty and students by identifying and coordinating research and outreach opportunities consistent with the Center vision/theme and working with faculty members to develop proposals for soliciting external funds.

The secretary supports administrative, programmatic, and reception duties; assists in planning meetings and events; and interfaces with the Discovery Park Business Office.

Purdue University Discovery Park

The Center director reports to the executive director of Purdue’s Discovery Park, which provides administrative and fiduciary oversight on behalf of Purdue University.

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Current Events

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University Partners