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Driving Simulator Experiment

Welcome to Driving Simulator Experiment website. The purpose of this experiment is to understand driver response to real-time travel information. Your participation would be greatly appreciated as it can contribute to the improved methods to provide effective information to drivers and to evaluate enhanced travel experience with the information.

Step 1: Online Survey

To participate in the experiment, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. You are required to complete an online survey, which asks for your socio-economic characteristics, travel behavior, preferences and attitude towards real-time information. If you have a medical history of simulation sickness, you are advised not to participate in this study.

Click here to access the survey

Step 2: Sign Up for Visit

Through a link after you finish the survey or by clicking the link below, you can sign up for your visit to our Center in Purdue Research Park to participate in the experiment. The participation at the Center can take about three hours. We highly suggest you to read the following instructions before coming to the Center.

Click here to schedule an appointment

Step 3: Introduction and Practice Session

At the Center, you will be briefed about the experiment process followed by a practice session. Through the practice session, you will get used to operating the simulator vehicle and driving in simulated traffic environment. If you feel any simulation sickness (such as dizziness or nausea) during the experiment, you can withdraw from participation.

Step 4: Main Session

Once you complete practice session, you will be assigned five scenarios. In each scenario, you may face different traffic conditions and may or may not receive real-time travel information. You are expected to drive and make route choice decisions realistically. Your driving behavior will be automatically monitored by our system, and speeding, collisions or any other traffic violations will be penalized by a reduction in your final compensation. This is to discourage participants to treat the simulator like a game.

Step 5: Surveys

During and after each scenario, you need to fill out short surveys, in which your perception of real-time travel information or travel experience will be asked. Simulation will be shortly paused to conduct the mid-run surveys, and post-run surveys will be conducted in a five-minute break between two consecutive scenario runs.

Step 6: Compensation

After you complete the experiment, your compensation will be calculated based on your driving performance and not on your route choices. The cash compensation ranges from $10 to $60. If a significant inconsistent driving behavior across the runs is observed (e.g., treating as a game), your final compensation may be considerably deducted in addition to the detected violations. If your compensation is more than $50, you are also eligible to enter a lottery drawing for one of two “Apple iPad Mini 3”s which will be announced upon completion of our experiment (expected in August 2015).

Step 7: Before You Leave

We recommend you stay at the Center for 30 minutes before you drive or you can ask someone to pick you up to avoid the possibility that you may not be adequately recalibrated to real-world driving.