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Integrating Spatial Educational Experiences (Isee) - Mapping a New Approach to Teaching and Learning Soil Science

Isee Field TripThe objectives of this project are to develop the ability of our students to use digital maps (1) to learn how and why soils and landscapes vary spatially at scales ranging from individual fields, to counties, states, and, ultimately, globally; and (2) to learn how the spatial distribution of soils and landscapes impacts the distributions of land use, and environmental and ecosystem services across various scales.
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The U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security Program

Borlaug Fellows The U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to expand the pool of U.S. food security professionals who have the scientific base needed to effectively study and manage the global landscapes in support of sustainable food systems. The program is comprised of two key elements; a Graduate Research Fellowship Grant Program and a Summer Institute on Global Food Security.
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Statistics Living Learning Community - STAT LLC

This project at Purdue University addresses two transitions in the training of undergraduate statistics students: 1.The bridge from first-year general curriculum into sophomore year Statistics major courses, and 2. The bridge into a student's first research experience in data analysis, especially with Big Data. Each year over a five year period, 20 sophomore trainees will take part in the STAT-LLC that involve: a new project-based course in big data analysis, new mentored research collaborations and thrusts, a new seminar series, professional development initiatives, and living together in a new learning community.

NSF Advance entitled: ADVANCE-Purdue and the Center for Faculty Success

ADVANCE ADVANCE-Purdue an institutional transformation project that targets recruitment, retention, and advancement of women STEM faculty at Purdue University. The mission of ADVANCE-Purdue is to conduct research and evaluate PCFS's (Purdue Center for Faculty Success) programming, structure and institutionalization, and to institutionalize PCFS as a vibrant center integrated into the fabric of Purdue. While the focus of ADVANCE broadly speaking is the representation of women faculty in STEM, ADVANCE-Purdue explicitly concentrates on women of color. Our three guiding goals are:


  1. To increase the number of under represented women in STEM faculty positions;
  2. To improve the success of all women STEM faculty; and
  3. To engage all faculty in transforming the institution, what we call "engaging the majority."
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NIH Director's Pathfinder Award entitled: Institute for Accessible Science (IAS): Advancing Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Biomedical Laboratory Research

IAS IAS promotes the inclusion and retention of persons with disabilities (PWDs) in biomedical science careers by lowering barriers through practical laboratory experiences, assistive technology (AT) development, student and educator support services and research. For more information contact Dr. Brad Duerstock (



HHMI entitled: Deviating from the Standard: Integrating Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design into Life Science Education

HHMI Project The collaborative project led by Dennis Minchella, Professor and Associate Head of Biological Sciences, is a partnership among six faculty members from three colleges (Science, Agriculture, and Engineering) which plans to integrate statistical analysis and experimental design into life science education. For more information contact Dr. Dennis Minchella (

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