Fundamental Neuroscience Courses:

BIOL 60200

Cellular Neurobiology

BIOL 53800

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology

BIOL 56200/ PSY 51200

Neural Systems

BIOL 59500

Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

PSY  692

Behavioral and Neural Systems of Learning and Memory

PSY 60300


BSM 52500

Principles of Neuroanatomy

BME 528

Measurement and Stimulation of the Nervous System

General Graduate Training Courses:

GRAD 61200

Responsible Conduct in Research

MCMP 62500

Grant Writing

HORT 60300

Grants and Grantsmanship

Elective Graduate Neuroscience Courses:


Neural Mechanism of Health and Disease

PSY 692

Models of Feeding Behavoir

PSY 692

Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

SLHS 501

Neural Bases of Speech and Language

STAT 598


Student Selected "Favorite" Non-Neuroscience Graduate Courses:

CHEM 696

Optical Probes for Biological Microscopy

ECE 642

Information Theory and Source Coding

BME 595

Biomedical Signal Processing

STAT 503

Stats for Biology Students

ECE 645

Estimation Theory


Molecular Biology of Cancer

BCHM 620

Mass Spectrometry

BME 695R/ECE 695T

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Optics Courses at Purdue: