Structural and Computational Biology and Biophysics Research Area Seminar Series - Nathaniel Landau Ph.D.

April 25, 2018
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
CRTN 1011


Nathaniel Landau Ph.D.

Joan and Joel Smilow Research Center
Department of Microbiology
NYU Langone Medical Center

"Restriction of HIV by SAMHD1: Starving the Beast"

Lentiviruses like HIV need to evade intrinsic host restrictions that prevent their replication.
The collection of restriction factors produced in cells constitutes the innate immune
response to viruses. Lentiviruses encode accessory proteins that serve to counteract specific
restriction factors. SAMHD1 is one such restriction factor that restricts lentivirus replication
in myeloid cells and resting T cells. Lentiviruses such as SIV encode the accessory
protein Vpx which induces the degradation of SAMHD1. The talk will discuss the mechanisms
by which SAMHD1 restricts lentivirus replication and the mechanism by which Vpx
counteracts SAMHD1. The studies have led to a new approach to the development of a therapeutic
vaccine against HIV.

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