Data Science in the Life Sciences Symposium

April 20, 2018
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
MRGN 121


On April 20, Purdue will host a Data Science in the Life Sciences Symposium on the West Lafayette campus to explore what the exponential growth in data means for the Purdue life science community. The forum will feature Casimir Starsiak III, lead of strategy and business operations at Verily Life Sciences, a Google spinoff that is developing new medical sensors, health platforms and precision medicine initiatives.

The theme of our symposium is the coming Fifth Industrial Revolution (5th IR), in which our ability to unravel and harness data from complex biological systems promises change on a scale that will eclipse anything to date. This transformation will follow our current 4th IR (cyber systems, networks and the Internet of Things), the 3rd IR of the 1970s (computers and electronics), the 2nd IR of the 1890s (manufacturing) and the 1st IR of the late 1700s (steam), but is expected to be even more revolutionary. Technology – specifically, the way we interact with it – will fundamentally alter every aspect of our lives, including how we understand and treat illness, how we promote health and how we care for aging populations.

Last month, the Offices of the Provost and the Executive Vice President for Research and Partnerships released two data science reports that identify ways the university can transform teaching, research and partnerships in response to these disruptive new technologies. Our symposium follows on the heels of these reports, but is focused specifically on how we can harness data to advance research in the life sciences, including science, agriculture, engineering and the humanities.

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