Rapid Innovation and Training Ecosystem

Defense and security organizations need the methodologies and skills to achieve this rapid innovation in a continuously changing landscape. 

The I-GSDI will build on strengths and integrate with other Purdue and Discovery Park Centers, Institutes, and Programs to more fully develop innovation ecosystems and associated education and training solutions. 

Purdue has already a rich set of resources, expertise, and programs in entrepreneurship and innovation ‘systems’ across Discovery Park, the Colleges, and the local/regional start-up communities. Likewise, education and training in STEM, advanced instrumentation, entrepreneurship, and complex systems management, to name a few, will be converged. These cross-cutting capabilities and offerings will be tailored to each customer and target emerging critical skill sets (at the organizational and individual level) such as: program management with business acumen appropriate for complex, adaptive, learning systems; system engineering of autonomous systems; decision-making in the context of socio-political dynamics.