Impacting Global Security

Our world sits at a crossroads where global security threats and instability combined with advancing technology threaten to pervade and potentially transform society in ways we have not contemplated in the past. These threats and resulting tensions have dimensions that are both technical and social in nature and thus must be confronted holistically in devising pathways to greater security.

Convergence of knowledge is a central tenet of Purdue’s impact on the nation’s defense and security community. Our goal is to provide integrated, world-class scientific, engineering, policy, economic and social science problem-solving capabilities and solutions. Discovery Park serves as a focal point for converging Purdue’s interdisciplinary resources to bring timely, responsive and transformative solutions to the most pressing security and defense challenges facing the nation and the world.

Through mission-inspired research, workforce development and partnerships, all embedded in an innovation network, Discovery Park is building dedicated, responsive teams to first understand and then address the most pressing security and defense challenges, including driving factors of global terrorism, new challenges in nuclear deterrence and proliferation control. Our focus is on generating third-offset and advanced technologies, developing rapid innovation and training solutions and creating an ecosystem of social and policy innovations that improve security.

Centers supporting the Impacting Global Security strategic theme work together by focusing on three key areas: "Third Offset" and Advanced Technologies, Rapid Innovation and Training Ecosystem, and Social/Policy Innovations that Improve Security. 

Op Ed by Tomas Diaz de la Rubia and Gen. Charles Wald
We must improve our defense technology on a constant and daily basis