Energy and Resources Innovation

Some of the answers will be found in the convergence of the physical sciences, life sciences, information science and engineering, which is driving rapid advances in science and technology. But the ultimate solutions to society’s global challenges will require the integration of science and technology advances with complex systems engineering and a deep understanding of policy, regulation and other human dimensions. At Discovery Park, we are bringing together engineers, scientists, policy researchers and other scholars to discern the complexities of these social forces and provide real, transformative solutions.

Scholars working on the energy and resources innovation bring specialized research in the areas of

Renewable Energy

Former barriers to developing advanced technologies based on plasmonics is now being seen by researchers as a potential pathway to practical applications. The “loss-induced plasmonic heating" could be key to development of various advanced technologies.

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Storage Solutions

A potential breakthrough solution for continuous and efficient power generation called “hydricity” is a new concept that uses solar energy to generate electricity but also produces and stores hydrogen from superheated water for round-the-clock power production.

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Bio-based Resources

Harnessing the power of chemical catalysis to transform cell wall molecules into liquid hydrocarbon fuels such as those of gasoline or aviation fuel is moving forward with game-changing ways of making biofuel production more energy-efficient.

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Fossil Fuels

Many minds on a problem can often lead to better solutions. A multidisciplinary approach can pay immediate dividends to partnering companies while furthering long-term solutions to scientific challenges. A new partnership between Purdue and Pioneer Oil is a great example of the collaborative work between a university and a company in its own backyard.

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Policy and Regulation

Solar-energy savings are of greater benefit to Indiana farm businesses than they are to homeowners because tax policies allow businesses to deduct depreciation of solar investments from revenues in addition to receiving the federal solar investment tax credit.

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