We sit at a crossroads where global security threats and instability threaten to pervade and potentially transform society in ways we have not contemplated in the past. These global conflicts and security issues have dimensions that are both technical and social in nature, and both must be confronted in devising pathways to greater security.

What can world-class research universities do to further advance our understanding of security issues, and to catalyze greater innovation in defense?

‘What IF our future was more secure?’ Leading cybersecurity experts to speak at Purdue

April 5, 2019

Government, industry, schools, banks, health care organizations, powerplants … who doesn’t have to worry about...

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Purdue Symposium on Ethics, Technology and the Future of War and Security

May 14, 2019

As autonomous systems, ubiquitous sensors, artificial intelligence and other related technologies continue to emerge, this conference will explore the ethical, legal and social implications that arise as we contemplate their use in future wars. How far should these technologies be developed? Will technology make war more humane? How do we ensure that humans remain in the loop? Will our future enemy apply the same moral principles to this future war? What’s the legal framework that governs war between machines? The questions that arise are endless, and the answers complex. This symposium will bring together preeminent thought leaders, practitioners, and stakeholders from across government, industry and academia to address these questions and help us better understand and plan for the ethical and societal impacts of these new technologies.

The symposium will include a series of panel discussions designed to explore emerging technologies through the lens of their ethical, legal, and social implications, and their impact on the future of war and security. Panel topics include:

  • The Future of War: Ethical, Legal and Social Implications
  • Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Global Perspectives
  • The Future is Now

Each panel will include a moderated discussion and a question and answer session with the audience.

For further information or assistance with registration, contact kingman@purdue.edu.

Visit our event website for more info.

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