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i-GSDI’s mission is exciting, bold…and quite challenging! It is through generous donations from individuals and organizations that we are able to strive for the lofty goals that underpin our mission.

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i-GSDI mission:

The Institute will converge Purdue’s interdisciplinary resources to bring timely, responsive and transformative solutions to the most pressing security and defense challenges facing the nation and the world.

Ways Contributions Support Our Mission:

  • Investing in the next generation of researchers: Research Support for undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral fellowships; and assistantships for faculty under our annual Rapid Innovation Challenge Research Awards.
  • Showcasing Purdue’s best and brightest: Help us to bring top experts, government agencies, and corporations in various fields to campus to meet with students, staff and faculty to showcase Purdue’s innovation and expertise in the realms of global security and defense innovation.