About the i-GSDI Consortium

The i-GSDI Consortium connects partner companies and governmental agencies with Purdue’s security and defense research capabilities in STEM, advanced instrumentation, nanotechnology, social & behavioral sciences, big data/simulation/cyber security, entrepreneurship, and complex systems in order to help Consortium members better innovate and compete in the global security and defense arena.

The purpose of the Consortium is to coordinate and facilitate high-level engagements with our industry and government members/partners in support of advancing new research projects and to provide valuable and timely support services to partners engaged in federally funded defense and homeland security projects.

Benefits of Consortium participation include: 

  • A seat on the Advisory Council that prioritizes Consortium-funded faculty-proposed seed projects; 
  • Proposal review-and-recommendation assistance from i-GSDI-affiliated researchers on federal funding applications in global security and defense contracts and initiatives; 
  • Early visibility and preferred partner access to results of research conducted by Consortium-funded faculty and graduate students; 
  • 'Matchmaking' services to link Member research interests and needs with Purdue faculty on specific government and proprietary partnership opportunities; 
  • Access to i-GSDI informational materials, briefing reports, and papers that provide insight into emerging technologies; 
  • Automatic invitation to Institute-sponsored symposia (e.g., envisioned Third Offset Technology Roundtables) that foster thought leadership and produce recommendations on defense and security topics; 
  • Participation in pre-competitive, collaborative deliberations to formulate an integrated and unbiased voice on critical issues and technology solution imperatives in global security and defense.

About i-GSDI: Government Info Sheet | Commercial Info Sheet

For more information, contact i-GSDI: i-gsdi@purdue.edu or 765-496-2009.

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