Vision & Mission


Purdue will be a leading innovator for the nation’s defense and security community providing integrated, world-class scientific, engineering, policy, economic and social science problem solving capabilities and solutions.


The Institute converges Purdue's interdisciplinary resources to bring timely, responsive and transformative solutions to the most pressing security and defense challenges facing the nation and the world.

Key Activities

  1. Create "intelligent networks" of innovation and foster new solution ideas across campus and with partners for defense/security innovation and translation.
  2. Develop strategic joint partnerships with research agencies and industry leaders to accelerate 'private-public' collaboration and productivity.
  3. Be the lead technical agent for bringing talent to the Purdue ecosystem, and facilitate the transition of human capital (our students) to defense/security partners.
  4. Exemplify agility by building a dedicated, responsive team that uses management and contracting expertise to provide flawless program execution and fulfill mission needs.
  5. Demonstrate Purdue's "Strategic Intent" to government and industry stakeholders, showing that we will partner and execute on major challenges with appropriate security, IP sensitivity, and speed.