About i-GSDI

We sit at a crossroads where global security threats and instability threaten to pervade and potentially transform society in ways we have not contemplated in the past. i-GSDI significantly impacts Purdue’s national prominence, improves our visibility and access to defense/security related opportunities, and converges our interdisciplinary resources into addressing the needs of our nation. i-GSDI’s focused, responsive, and agile efforts provide Purdue a valuable entry point for high level engagements with governmental and industrial organizations, key entities such as the Indiana Innovation Institute.

i-GSDI builds on strengths and integrates within other Purdue and Discovery Park Centers and Institutes. i-GSDI provides cross-cutting research capabilities to Purdue’s strength and core competences in STEM, advanced instrumentation, nanotechnology, social and behavioral sciences, big data/simulation/cyber security, entrepreneurship, and complex systems. These cross-cutting capabilities consist of, but not be limited to, research in autonomous/cognitive systems, cyber, propulsion, energetics and thermal management, advanced electronics and photonics, etc.