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Energy Intake, Expenditure and Balance


Energy balance is the result of the combined influlences of energy intake and energy expenditure; however, their relative contributions continue to be vigorously debated. The complexity of the issue is underescored by evidence that physiological and environmental factors differentially influence the multiple facets of both energy intake and expenditure. Studies on the basic mechanisms and functions of the determinants of energy balance and strategies for their therapeutic applications are under study by IBRC investigators. This work provides an opportunity for students interested in this area to obtain the skills and training required to pursue their own questions on energy balance and health.

About the IBRC

The Ingestive Behavior Research Center at Purdue University is unique in providing an interdisciplinary research and training environment that promotes excellence in the analysis of ingestive behavior and its disorders.

Our Vision

Individual and population-based health practices will be optimized by advancing understanding of the controls of ingestive behavior.

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