The IBRC Graduate Student Association (IGSA) is open to any graduate student, but IBRC students are encouraged to participate. IGSA hosts many events throghout the semester, including journal clubs and social events. Students may also hold leadership positions on the IGSA executive committee. 

IGSA Executive Committee 2019-2020
Faculty Advisor: Richard Mattes
President: Steph Hunter
Vice President: Evan Reister
Treasurer: Lissa Davis
Secretary: Erica Hill
Social and Event Planner: Eunjin Cheon


To contact IGSA, please e-mail igsa@purdue.edu


IGSA Social Events
Wine Tasting at Purdue's Enology Library
Wine Tasting at Purdue's Enology Library


Holiday Cookie Swap
Holiday Cookie Swap

Contact IBRC

To contact IBRC, please e-mail mattes@purdue.edu