Nexus Postdoctoral Researcher Webinar Series

Arequipa Nexus Institute - EN
April 15, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM


Please join us to the Nexus Postdoctoral Webinar presentation. Dr. Alex Cartagena will be presenting on the Seasonality of metals species in Streams in Arequipa Region.

Alex is part of the project " Seasonal Heavy Metals Concentrations in the Arequipa Region" led by Dr. Chad Jafvert (Purdue) and Dr. Betty Paredes (UNSA). 

The project goal is to investigate the transport and speciation of metals (copper, lead, arsenic, etc.), in several rivers in the Arequipa region that are impacted by mine drainage. The team focuses on water sample collection on streams associated with irrigation areas and assessment for metals  or as  suspended solids (i.e., adsorbed to solids or as colloidal precipitates). 

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