Celebrating the 2021 Indiana Water Year

Watch this space for content all through the month of October ringing in the New Water Year!

We'll be featuring podcasts, posts, videos and a state-wide webinar on the state of Indiana waters and faculty water research throughout the state.

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Testing in the Great Bend Region

Last month, a group of volunteers participated in a Wabash River Sampling Blitz project in which they collected readings of a variety of different measurables in the Great Bend region of the Wabash, including temperature, pH, nitrate/nitrite, and more. Check out their findings here!


The next featured video highlights research from Jason Hoverman's Aquatic Community Ecology lab in Purdue FNR. Produced by Riley Rackliffe, the video explores pesticides and their effect on aquatic ecosystems, in particular aquatic insects. Click the image below to watch the video:

 The next feature we're excited to share in celebration of the new water year is a video on research being led by Drs. Venkatesh Merwade and Sara McMillan on preparations and plans for flood events in the state of Indiana. Check out the video, prepared by graduate research assistant Sayan Dey, to learn more:


As we ring in the New Water Year, take a dive into the 2020 Water Year with Laura Bowling and Keith Cherkauer as they examine supply & demand, water quality, & the role of policy/infrastructure/social context in the state of IN water resources. Click the image below to watch the video!



In April 2020, Purdue celebrated World Water Day like never before. A series of weekly podcasts was released as part of the Purdue Water and Climate Expert Series, with each recording featuring a discussion with a Purdue faculty member on their research and why it is important in the context of World Water Day. The featured faculty are:

The podcast series was designed and produced by Ally Jacoby, NRES (Natural Resources and Environmental Science) student and ambassador, and Grace Filley, ABE (Agricultural and Biological Engineering) student and Vice President of ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering) at Purdue.