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Earth Day 2020 Prophetstown Event 

Presented by the Purdue Native American Educational and Cultural Center and the Center for the Environment on April 22, 2020, this virtual Earth Day event introduces students, faculty, and staff to Prophetstown, Indiana, from a variety of cultural, ecological, and historical perspectives. Featured faculty from Purdue University and graduate students from Purdue's Sloan Indigenous Graduate Partnership (SIGP) talk about the role American Indian and Native American Peoples have and do still play in stewarding and governing natural resources.

Virtual Panel: Defending Dissertations in the time of COVID

This online, virtual panel of faculty and doctoral students covers tips and tricks for presenting dissertations and theses virtually - something now necessary due to the global pandemic.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Environmental Justice, Local and Global Struggles

Dr. Mangala Subramaniam presented our first virtual Lunch & Learn event of the Fall 2020 semester on September 9, focusing on the complicated links between local and global struggles for environmental justice as communities confront state and global institutions. She drew on her own, and collaborative, work to engage with the topic in terms of gender and its intersections with class, caste, race, as well as the need for integrating the technical and the social to adopt an interdisciplinary lens in studying environmental justice.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Environmental Justice and Public Health, Exposure and Other Stressors

Continuing the Center for the Environment’s year-long program of conversations about intersections between environmental and social justice, Dr. Ellen Wells, Center affiliate and Associate Professor of Environmental and Occupational Health, spoke on some of the history and scope of environmental justice as a critical environmental and public health concern. She also discussed in detail her experience in interacting with a community facing environmental justice issues in East Chicago, Indiana.

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Intersections between Environmental Justice & Indigenous Rights

Building on the Center for the Environment’s year-long program of conversations about intersections between environmental and social justice, Dr. Laura Zanotti, Center Associate Director and Professor in Anthropology, highlights frameworks of environmental justice and ways they have been mobilized at both sites of global environmental governance and in national contexts to support Indigenous Peoples' rights. Reflecting on collaborative partnerships with Mebêngôkre-Kayapó Peoples, she details current threats facing Indigenous Peoples rights in Brazil and pursuits for justice.