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Welcome to Purdue’s Center for the Environment! The C4E, as we refer to it, is a regional resource for incubating and promoting collaborative, interdisciplinary, problem-driven research focused on some of the greatest environmental challenges we face globally. C4E-affiliated faculty are currently working on problems such as exploring the resilience of food-energy-water production and delivery systems, eliminating hazardous electronic and plastic waste, reducing nutrient runoff in farm systems, understanding the fate and transport of new chemicals in the environment, and understanding the challenges to building and maintaining sustainable communities in the face of disruptive global changes.

Featured Affiliate

Richard Voyles Awarded Daniel C. Lewis Professorship

Soil microbiome can improve carrot resistance to deadly fungus

June 30, 2020

The fungus Alternaria dauci is one of the most damaging pathogens in carrots, killing leaves above the ground and...

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