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Student Interest Groups

Purdue has over 1000 student clubs and organizations.  Some clubs are run through individual programs and department.  For the most up-to-date contact information for most clubs, visit: https://boilerlink.purdue.edu/Organizations

Agribusiness Club
The Purdue AgriBusiness Club works to create networking opportunities for our members with industry professionals. Our goal is to expose our members to agricultural companies that are looking for interns or full time candidates.
Agronomy Club (Agronomy)
We are students that care about Agronomy. A fair number of our members do not have majors in the Agronomy Department. Many have farm backgrounds, some have majors in other schools within the university, and some have many friends within the department.
Air and Waste Management Association (PAWMA)
Purdue Air and Waste Management Association (PAWMA) is the Purdue Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association, a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of environmental knowledge.
American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE)
The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers is an educational and scientific organization dedicated to the advancement of engineering applicable to agricultural, food, and biological systems. The Purdue branch of the ASABE participates in several activities that allow members to use their engineering skills, and network with other professionals in the field.
AQUAE is the Purdue Student Chapter of American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Indiana Water Environment Association (AWEA). AQUAE has a main objective to cluster students interested in water issues. There is an emphasis on encouraging students to pursue academic or professional careers that address water related problems. Today, almost half of the world's workers - 1.5 billion people - work in water related sectors, and nearly all jobs depend on water or ensure its safe delivery. As Purdue students, we are willing to have a positive impact on the sector.
Boiler Green Initiative (BGI)
Boiler Green Initiative (BGI) is an organization focused on sustainability with backgrounds from a variety of disciplines on campus. Whether you are an expert in sustainability or you know nothing at all but are just eager to learn, this is the club for you.
Botany Club
The Botany Club was founded by a group of students with one basic interest, plant biology.  Today, we are a club of more than plant biologists.  The club's most recent focus has been small club projects every meeting, volunteer activities, and making lasting friendships.
Chemical Engineering Sustainability initiative (CSi)
This organization encourages the Chemical Engineering students (graduate and undergraduate), staff and faculty participation in sustainability related activities, including - finding cases of inefficient resource utilization within the Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering and solutions to those, followed by their implementation and promoting the efficient use of available resources among the users of the facilities.
Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW-Purdue)
ESW exists in order to engage engineers in reducing poverty by improving environmental, social, and economic sustainability worldwide.
Environmental Science Club (ESC)
The Environmental Science Club is a student organization looking to increase the education, awareness, and community involvement of its members while fostering a positive social setting.
Green Greeks
We seek to create a more perfect union of Greek and non-Greek member participation in order to further sustainable development here at Purdue. We aim to make Fraternity, Sorority, and Cooperative Life more sustainable by educating members of the Greek community, creating opportunities for Greek and Cooperative Life members to join the Purdue Sustainability movement, and serving as a philanthropic arm for Greeks to get more involved.
Horticulture Society
The Purdue Horticultural Society provides students who have an interest in plants and horticulture the opportunity to expand their interests. Each year, the club has a wide variety of activities that provide members with the opportunity to learn more about horticulture, and invest in themselves by taking on responsibilities for different events.
Purdue Student Sustainability Council (SSC)
We, the student organization representatives of Purdue University, in order to promote the Purdue ideal of a living laboratory, further communication, cooperation and collaboration between our member organizations and others, advise the University Sustainability Council and Purdue University as a whole from the student’s perspective, promote economic responsibility, environmental stewardship and social justice, and to engage the Purdue University Student Body in these issues
Purdue University Meteorological Association (PUMA)
PUMA’s main goals for members are to promote academic excellence, fellowship among students and faculty, and to provide opportunities for students interested in a career in the atmospheric sciences to network with established professionals as well as providing increased opportunities for job placement. PUMA also provides many outreach opportunities for members to go out and teach meteorology.
In 1997, PUMA became a local chapter for the American Meteorological Society and are currently one of only three active chapters in Indiana. In the fall of 2012, PUMA became the Beta Kappa chapter of the National Weather Association.
Purdue University Geological Society (PUGS)
The Purdue University Geological Society is a nonprofit student organization dedicated to the expansion and promotion of knowledge and education of the geologic sciences. In addition, the Purdue University Geological Society shall work with Purdue’s Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, as well as other Earth Science departments around the world to help further the development of the Earth Science field of study. Society
Society of Environmental and Ecological Engineers (SEEE)
The purpose of SEEE is to introduce students to the new division of engineering, the Environmental and Ecological Engineering program.  SEEE serves to provide a link between students, faculty, administrators and alumni in efforts to increase awareness and growth of this organization.
US Green Building Council Student Group at Purdue University (USGBC Student Group)
Amongst other things, this organization aims to foster scientific study and research in the field of environmentally sustainable building and operation of buildings; to develop and disseminate knowledge in sustainable building research and design; to improve the methods and design of sustainable buildings; and to develop better public understanding and appreciation of the challenges and solutions posed by improved sustainable building practices and the sustainable operation of existing buildings, and to promote understanding, adoption and use of environmentally sustainable design, construction, and building operation practices across the Purdue University community.

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