Purdue University

Signature Research Areas

Signature Research Areas (SRAs) represent topics related to environmental challenges for which the perspectives and tools from multiple disciplines need to converge to work towards productive solutions.  Through SRAs, C4E supports faculty affiliates in aspects of informal and formal teaming, research project development, and relevant programming. For a research area to be considered an SRA it must be supported by at least five faculty members, spanning three or more areas of research focus, who are committed to developing the area through active participation in both signature area and other C4E events.  The SRA team commits, as a whole, to exploring research topics in the designated theme with the goal of developing research programs for funding opportunities, organizing events, and/or promoting education, scholarship, and outreach.  Each SRA is led by a Faculty Convener (FC) who shepherds the program, promoting its growth and health. The conveners also serve on the Center’s leadership committee.

Currently, the Center has six active signature research areas: Biodiversity, Building Sustainable Communities, Chemical Exposures, Climate, Food Security, and Water Challenges.