Purdue University

Cyber Animal Systems

Convener: Richard Voyles

Department: Purdue Polytechnic Institute

While precision crop agriculture technologies have helped increase sustainability through enabling reduced inputs, increased productivity, and improved capacity to combat environmental and biological stresses, equivalent growth in cyber-enabled approaches to research into sustainable animal systems has not occurred.

The faculty in this research cluster work to combine research into the environmental impacts of animal systems and appropriate and environmentally aware sensing and technology development.  Results of this work can lead to the development of innovative policies, tools, sensors and cyber systems that may reduce the rate of greenhouse gas production; ameliorate contributions to antibiotic resistance; optimize land and water use; and increase productivity of animal systems.

Purdue is already a leader in animal science, environmental impacts, biological sensing, AI technologies and data-centric analytics, so the primary ingredients are in place to have critical impact. The members of this research cluster will undertake transdisciplinary research at the intersection of these fields.