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Purdue’s Center for the Environment promotes proactive, interdisciplinary research, learning, and engagement that addresses important environmental challenges. The Center connects the faculty and students across departments and disciplines who work on environmental challenges by actively supporting the development and implementation of innovative research projects and teams. The Center also increases the impact of Purdue's work on important environmental issues through outreach and stakeholder engagement activities.

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The Center for the Environment is a regional resource for incubating and promoting collaborative, interdisciplinary, problem-driven research focused on some of the greatest environmental challenges we face globally. Our affiliated faculty are currently working on problems such as how to move our economy to sequester more carbon than it produces, improving the resilience of food-energy-water production and delivery systems, reducing hazardous electronic and plastic waste and promoting transformation of materials through upcycling and recycling.  Affiliates of the Center are also working on reducing nutrient runoff in farm systems, understanding the fate and transport of new chemicals in the environment, maintaining and supporting global biodiversity, developing advanced sensing techniques for environmental research, and understanding the challenges to building and maintaining sustainable communities in the face of disruptive global changes.

We are also active on campus, supporting numerous environmentally-focused lectures, events and colloquiums that engage the university community.  Particular areas of interest include environmental justice and the develop of international sustainability partnerships.

We also work to connect undergraduate and graduate students with research opportunities and support our affiliates and their post-docs as they develop research programs.  The Center also works with affiliates to develop white papers and briefs on key topics in current environmental research, with particular interest in state policies.

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