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Energy Economics and Policy Analysis

Energy Economics and Policy Analysis

The Energy Economics and Policy group at Purdue does a wide range of disciplinary research in energy economics and collaborates with faculty in many of Purdue’s colleges in accomplishing multi-disciplinary research on key societal issues in energy economics and policy. In working on energy systems, the group seeks to optimize the system as a whole instead of just examining individual components of the system.  Past collaborations include industrial engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, agriculture, and technology.  By bringing together tools of economic and policy analysis with technical expertise in energy systems, we are able to accomplish analyses that could not be done by each discipline working separately.

Purdue’s Center for Research on Energy Systems and Policy is one vehicle for accomplishing multi-disciplinary research.

    Energy Economics and Policy Analysis


Technical Contact

Wally Tyner
Department of Agricultural Economics

About the Energy Center

The Center’s mission is to grow the Purdue energy research and education enterprise. We engage researchers and students in a community that delivers new discoveries and develops disruptive technologies with national and global impact.


Maureen McCann

Director, Energy Center,
Global Sustainability Institute

Pankaj Sharma

Managing Director, Energy Center,
Global Sustainability Institute

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