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Paul Preckel

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KRAN 589
Agricultural Economics
College of agriculture
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Professor Preckel does research in the use and value of byproducts from biofuel production – particularly distiller’s grains. He also has interest in the production of methane from animal waste. 

Professor Preckel researches and teaches in the areas of decision analysis and mathematical modeling. He has had extensive experience in developing applications and methods over a wide range of subject matter areas. His current areas of interest are focused on: energy modeling, assessment of the effects of policy across an economy's income spectrum, supply chain management, modeling imperfectly competitive markets, and methods and applications for optimization and numerical integration. He serves as the Faculty Director of Indiana’s State Utility Forecasting Group.  

Expertise: Mathematical modeling, Production, Poverty policy




B.S., Mathematical Science, Ohio State University, 1977 
M.S., Operations Research, Stanford University, 1979 
Ph.D., Operations Research, Stanford University, 1983


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