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Welcome to the website of the Center for Coal Technology Research (CCTR).  CCTR, an Indiana State Agency, was created by the Indiana State Legislature in 2004 and is governed by I.C. 21-47-4.  The Center Director reports to the Lt. Governor of the State of Indiana.  The legislation that created CCTR, P.L.2-2007, SEC.288, places the Center at Purdue University, West Lafayette.

The legislated objective of the CCTR is to promote the use of Indiana's coal reserves in an economically and environmentally sound manner. To achieve this, the CCTR concentrates on the development and implementation of strategic appropriate clean coal technologies through funding scoping studies, industrial and commercial application projects, long-term development projects, technology designs and demonstration projects, coal research seminars and forums, and educational materials.

We hope you will find our website helpful and informative. Please send any questions you might have and requests for further information to our staff.

Mission Statement

The goal and purpose of the Center for Coal Technology Research (CCTR) is to address the vital issue of determining suitable coal technologies which will meet the economic and environmental priorities of Indiana. In the short run, the current decision processes of purchasers of Indiana coals, primarily the electric utilities, need to be better understood. Then in the long run, the technology factors that will control future coal use in Indiana, the Illinois Basin and Midwest region generally need to be assessed as they are more varied.
Projects being currently supported within the state by the CCTR are:

  • Assessment of the Quality of Indiana Coals
  • Factors that Affect the Design and Implementation of Clean Coal Technologies in Indiana
  • Coal Gasification to Use Indiana Coal for the Production of Metallurgical Coke
  • Reclaiming Indiana's Coal Fines
  • Coal Transportation Infrastructure In and Around Indiana
  • Production and Use of Transportation Fuels from Indiana Coals



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CCTR Advisory Panel Meeting
24 July 2012
Purdue University-W Lafayette 


Marty W. Irwin, Director
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