The ENergy Corridor (TEC)

Sustainable Transformation through Energy,
Water and Regional Development

The energy-water corridor

There is bipartisan recognition that the border between the US and Mexico must be secure and that tracking of goods and contraband at any point across the 1,989 miles of this border must stop. We applaud the steps being taken to adequately fund the Department of Homeland Security for ensuring border security. However, the need for a long-term solution presents an opportunity to build a secure, large-scale economic development zone at strategic locations along the US-Mexico border. We propose that a team of academic institutions and industry helps the governments of the United States of America and Mexico build a Future Energy, Water, Industry, and Education Park (FEWIEP).

The challenge

Border region (1,954 miles) exposed to mass migration, violence, geopolitical tensions, and facing a water crisis.

415 immigrant deaths in 2017 396,579 apprehensions in 2018 361,087 apprehensions in 2019 $500,000,000 per year business of human smuggling


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