Summer 2024: Student Application Deadline Extended


The Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship program (DUIRI) is extending the student application deadline for three summer projects. Students may apply for these three projects only until 4:30PM Thursday, March 7. Please share in your network!

During the summer, student teams will be responsible for pursuing their research projects, culminating with a poster presentation and one-page abstract/summary of their results. Assuming all requirements are met, each participating student will earn a $5,000 summer term scholarship from the DUIRI program.

This summer, several students will be co-funded by Purdue’s Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF). and the Lilly Purdue Research Center (LPRC). Student researchers for ISF and LPRC affiliated projects will have additional engagement with those entities during the summer internship. The projects will list “ISF” or “LPRC” in the project title. 

For more information, email