Discovery Park Distinguished Lecturer: Robert Latiff, Some Implications of Technology Innovation on Future War and the Future Soldier

March 29, 2018
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Burton D. Morgan Building, Room 121


Dr. Robert H. Latiff, Maj. Gen. (Ret), will describe the new and emerging technologies which are, and will be, applied to war fighting. It will describe the long and symbiotic relationship between technology innovation and weapons and will describe how we are seduced by and addicted to technologies in our civilian lives and in the military. The talk will delve into the moral and ethical implications of some of these new technologies applied to war fighting and will describe the implications for the individual soldier. Finally, the author will describe the large separation between the military and the public and the dangers that separation presents, and will make some recommendations on how we should proceed.

A book signing will follow. The book is available at:

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