Faculty Affiliates

Ernest Agee

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Extreme weather, solar variability, global CO2 transport and sequestration
CIVL 4267
+1 765 49-43282
Ernest Agee profile picture

Kirk Alter

Building Construction Management
Sustainable construction, sustainability, emissions reduction, weatherization, energy efficiency
+1 765 49-42454
Kirk Alter profile picture

Joseph Balagtas

Agricultural Economics
Agricultural markets, food security, agricultural and food policy
KRAN 557
+1 765 49-44298
Joseph Balagtas profile picture

Mike Baldwin

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Climate and extreme weather, numerical modeling, data mining, model evaluation, data assimilation
CIVL 4267A
Michael Baldwin profile picture

Brandon Boor

Civil Engineering
Indoor and urban air pollution, aerosol science, airborne nanoparticles, bioaerosols, low-cost air quality monitoring
Brandon Boor profile picture

Laura Bowling

Watershed hydrology, hydroclimatology, hydrology of extreme events, GIS and remote sensing
3-337 Lilly
+1 765 49-48051
Laura Bowling profile picture

Sylvie Brouder

Carbon and nitrogen cycling, soil sequestration, greenhouse gas emission, and water quality impacts of intensively and extensively managed agriculture
LILY 3-351
+1 765 49-61489
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Grzegorz Buczkowski

Climate change impacts on insect spread and management, urban ecology under climate change, invasive species, biodiversity, winners and losers of climate change.
+1 765 49-46314
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Michele Buzon

Anthropology Department
Investigating social and cultural perceptions of, and experiences with, climate change in Bronze and Early Iron Ages in the Near East.
STON 314
+1 765 49-44680
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Marc Caffee

Physics And Astronomy
Cosmogenic nuclides and climate change
+1 765 49-42586
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Hua Cai

Industrial Engineering
Urban sustainability, emerging transportation systems, energy policy, sustainable consumption, food-water-energy nexus
GRIS 390
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Timothy Cason

Department Of Economics
Environmental economics
RAWLS 4005
+1 765 49-41737
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Indrajeet Chaubey

Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Impact of land use and land management on ecohydrology and water quality
ABE 320
+1 765 49-46876
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Dan Chavas

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Hurricanes, tropical cyclones, severe weather, tornadoes, risk
HAMP 3221
Dan Chavas profile picture

Keith Cherkauer

Agricultural And Biological Engineering
Hydroclimatology, flooding, drought, modeling, observations
ABE 312
+1 765 49-67982
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John Couture

Depts of Entomology and Forestry and Natural Resources
Atmospheric change; carbon and nutrient cycling; drought; herbivory; plant defenses
John Couture profile picture

Brett Crawford

Technology, Leadership,And Innovation
Relationship between climate change and organizations, that is how climate change shapes the actorhood of organizations, as well as how organizations shape and reshape meaning linked to climate change
YONG 317
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Melba Crawford

Statistical classification methods, digital image processing, statistical analysis of spatial and temporal processes, analysis of remotely sensed data
Lilly 3-353
+1 765 49-63224
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G. Jonathon Day

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Climate change adaptations and mitigation with a focus on tourism systems, sustainable tourism, destination management, corporate social responsibility and environmental programs in hospitality and tourism related companies
MRRT 255
+1 765 49-62084
Gordon Day profile picture

Otto Doering

Agricultural Economics
Public policy specialist on economic issues affecting agriculture, natural resources, and energy
KRAN 569
+1 765 49-44226
Otto Doering profile picture

Jeff Dukes

Forestry And Natural Resources
Terrestrial ecosystem responses, terrestrial ecosystem feedbacks, invasive species, biodiversity, biofuels
+1 765 49-41446
Jeffrey Dukes profile picture

SongLin Fei

Forestry And Natural Resources
Ecosystem dynamic and modeling, invasive species modeling and surveillance, and biometrics and spatial analysis
FORS 111
+1 765 49-62199
SongLin Fei profile picture

Timothy Filley

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Soil organic matter sequestration, plant-soil-microbe system, soil organic carbon vulnerability, isotope biogeochemistry
3277C Civil Eng.
+1 765 49-46581
Timothy Filley profile picture

Jane Frankenberger

Agricultural And Biological Engineering
Watershed management and TMDLs in agricultural watersheds, and water and nitrate flux to subsurface drainage tiles
ABE 208A
+1 765 49-41194
Jane Frankenberger profile picture

Jennifer Freeman

Health Sciences
Human health, disease, development, genetic biomarkers, zebrafish
CIVL 1263D
+1 765 49-41408
Jennifer Freeman profile picture

James Garrison

Aeronautics And Astronautics
Remote sensing, earth observation, global navigation satellite, systems (GNSS) soil moisture oceanography
ARMS 3311
+1 765 49-67482
James Garrison profile picture

Charles Gick

Visual and Performing Arts
An interdisciplinary artist, combining video, performance, painting, photography and assemblage. Current work focuses on humankind’s use of the poetics of art to confront and examine our often tenuous, physical, intellectual, and emotional relationships with art, nature and time
PAO 3151
+1 765 49-43360
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Margaret Gitau

Agricultural And Biological Engineering
Broad interest in water resources and ecohydrologic engineering
ABE 119
Margaret Gitau profile picture

Alexander Gluhovsky

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and Statistics
Application of nonlinear time series analysis and nonlinear dynamical systems to problems of weather and climate
CIVL 4263
+1 765 49-40670
Alexander Gluhovsky profile picture

Reuben Goforth

Forestry And Natural Resources
Partnering for land use sustainability, aquatic ecosystems, ecological studies, GIS spatial analyses
Reuben Goforth profile picture

Alla Golub

Agricultural Economics
Land use, mitigation policies, energy and environment, bioenergy, general equilibrium modeling
+1 765 586-0601
Alla Golub profile picture

Jay Gore

Mechanical Engineering
Sustainable energy and environment and global policy research
+1 765 49-40061
Jay Gore profile picture

Rich Grant

Greenhouse gas emissions, micrometeorological flux measurements, land surface emissions, agricultural emissions
215 Life Science Plant and Soils
+1 765 49-48048
Richard Grant profile picture

Tomas Höök

Forestry And Natural Resources
Great Lakes ecology and fisheries; Aquatic ecosystem responses to climate change and other stressors
FORS 209
Tomas Höök profile picture

Brady Hardiman

Forestry And Natural Resources
Relationships between ecosystem structure and function across a gradient of natural to highly-engineered environments within a global change context
Brady Hardiman profile picture


Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Aerosol direct and indirect radiative forcing
CIVL 4286
+1 765 49-40693
 Harshvardhan profile picture

Erin Hennes

Psychological Sciences
Public understanding of climate change information
PRCE 2168
Erin Hennes profile picture

Tom Hertel

Agricultural Economics
Economic consequences of climate impacts on agriculture as well as land-based mitigation policies
KRAN 563
+1 765 49-44199
Thomas Hertel profile picture

Matthew Huber

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Paleoclimate Modeling, Climate Change, Global Warming, Paleoceanography, Regional Climate Modeling, Extreme Weather Events, and Heat Stress
HAMP 4259-B
Matthew Huber profile picture

Douglass Jacobs

Forestry And Natural Resources
Research interests in reforestation and restoration of forest trees, with emphasis on understanding the eco-physiology of forest regeneration in response to management and environmental stress
+1 765 49-43608
Douglass Jacobs profile picture

David Johnson

Industrial Engineering
Climate change adaptation, coastal flood risk management, renewable energy policy, assessment of infrastructure risks, and water scarcity and quality management.
GRIS 290
+1 765 49-47122
David Johnson profile picture

Jennifer Johnson

Anthropology Department
Food security, food sovereignty, fisheries, gender, contaminated diversity, eastern and central Africa
Jennifer Johnson profile picture

Cliff Johnston

Soil biogeochemistry, carbon dynamics, GHG exchange, surface chemistry
Lilly 3-464A
+1 765 49-61716
Cliff Johnston profile picture

Daniel Kelly

Ethics, social norms, moral psychology
BRNG 7126
+1 765 49-44290
Daniel Kelly profile picture

David Klenosky

Department Of Health And Kinesiology
Impacts of climate change and environmental factors on recreation use and tourism activity
111-B Lambert
+1 765 49-40865
David Klenosky profile picture

Samuel Labi

Civil Engineering
Modeling of the effects of climate on civil infrastructure deterioration, analysis of civil infrastructure resilience to climate change, sustainable development of civil infrastructure to reduce anthropogenic impacts on climate
+1 765 49-45926
Samuel Labi profile picture

Natalie Lambert

Understanding climate change communication in developing countries, analyzing the climate change attitudes and beliefs of coffee farmers in Pereira, Colombia
BRNG 2160
+1 765 49-66220
Natalie Lambert profile picture

Nathaniel Lifton

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
In situ cosmogenic nuclide analyses of past glacial changes in Arctic and mountainous environments, Quaternary geology, and surficial processes
CIVL 3275
Nathaniel Lifton profile picture

Zhao Ma

Forestry And Natural Resources
Focus on invasive plant management, small-scale farming, payment for ecosystem services, climate change perception and adaptation, water governance, and ecological restoration.
FORS 111
+1 765 49-41790
Zhao Ma profile picture

Robert Marzec

Work on the historical transformations of humanity’s relationship to the environment, and how these transformations inform and affect the event of climate change in today’s world, and our reactions to that event
Robert Marzec profile picture

Jim McGlothlin

Health Sciences
Public health, epidemiology, exposure, and risk assessment
CIVL 1263F
+1 765 49-66359
James McGlothlin profile picture

Sara McMillan

Agricultural And Biological Engineering
Hydrology and biogeochemistry of urban and agricultural aquatic systems; ecosystem restoration to mitigation impacts from changing climate and land use practices
ABE 208B
Sara McMillan profile picture

Rick Meilan

Forestry And Natural Resources
Work to improve the utility of trees, poplars (Populusspp.) in particular, as a bioenergy crop—including efforts to insert into poplar genes that affectcell-wall properties (e.g., lignin content and composition, and cellulose configuration); water-use efficiency; and poplar’s ability to remediate contaminated sites
G021E Pfendler Hall
+1 765 49-62287
Richard Meilan profile picture

Greg Michalski

Dept Earth, Atmospheric, And Planetary Sci
Stable isotope biogeochemistry, Nitrogen cycling in aquatic and soil systems, regional air/water pollution, mass-independent isotope effects and their use in paleoclimatology and aerosol chemistry, isotope effects in gas phase reactions, modeling isotopes in atmospheric chemistry
+1 765 49-43704
Greg Michalski profile picture

Manjana Milkoreit

Political Science
Global climate change politics, esp. the role of emerging powers and the design of review mechanisms in the Paris Agreement; the interface between science and policy/politics/diplomacy; cognition and emotion in climate-related decision-making, esp. future thinking.
BRNG 2226
Manjana Milkoreit profile picture

Roshanak Nateghi

Environmental & Ecological Engineering and Industrial Engineering
Work on modeling the impacts of climate extremes and climate change on the reliability and resiliency of energy infrastructure using risk and decision analysis,simulation, statistical modeling and big data analytics
GRIS 264
Roshanak Nateghi profile picture

Loring Nies

Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Global sustainable engineering, sustainable urban systems, education for sustainability in engineering
CIVL 3145C
+1 765 49-48327
Loring Nies profile picture

Dev Niyogi

Agronomy and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Focus is to understand the dynamic role of coupled land surface processes on weather and regional climate at multiple scales
+1 765 49-46574
Devdutta Niyogi profile picture

Linda Pfeiffer

Youth Development And Agricultural Educ
Communicating controversial science to non-scientists
Linda Pfeiffer profile picture

Bryan Pijanowski

Forestry And Natural Resources
Land-climate-people interactions, climate adaptation, land-climate-hydrologic dynamics, uncertainty, soundscape ecology
305 FORS (Forestry Building)
+1 765 49-62215
Bryan Pijanowski profile picture

Paul Preckel

Agricultural Economics
Electric power sector emissions policy, agricultural land use
KRAN 589
+1 765 49-44240
Paul Preckel profile picture

Linda Prokopy

Forestry And Natural Resources
Social dimensions of both adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change
+1 765 49-62221
Linda Prokopy profile picture

P Suresh Rao

Civil Engineering
Environmental engineering, environmental/ecological sciences, resilience-based analysis of coupled natural and engineered complex systems, including food-bioenergy-water sustainability issues
CIVL 3145B
+1 765 49-66554
P Suresh Rao profile picture

Leigh Raymond

Political Science
Emissions trading, market-based policies, informal institutions, norms and values in political behavior, framing effects
BRNG 2216E
+1 765 49-44182
Leigh Raymond profile picture

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert

Agricultural Economics
Sub-Saharan Africa, food security, vulnerability, adaptation, behavioral modeling
KRAN 623
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert profile picture

Juan Sesmero

Agricultural Economics
Climate adaptation, land use change, economics of biofuels, water-energy trade-offs, energy economics
Juan Sesmero profile picture

Amisha Shah

Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Photochemical processes in water, sulfur budget, effects of climate change on water quality and sustainability
HAMP 3145A
Amisha Shah profile picture

Guofan Shao

Forestry And Natural Resources
Understanding forest responses to climate change and improving forest carbon sequestration through sustainable forest management
109 Forestry Building
+1 765 49-43630
Guofan Shao profile picture

Daniel Shepardson

Curriculum And Instruction
Student conceptions’ of climate change, climate science instructional materials, climate system education
BRNG 4130
+1 765 49-45284
Daniel Shepardson profile picture

Paul Shepson

Chemistry and Earth,Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Studies of the sources and sinks of greenhouse gases
BRWN 5171C
Paul Shepson profile picture

Gerald Shively

Agricultural Economics
Economic implications of climate change and adaptation in low-income agriculture
629 Krannert Building
+1 765 49-44218
Gerald Shively profile picture

Shweta Singh

Agricultural & Biological Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering
Impact on resource flows and consumption pattern change, urban responses to climate change, adn impact of climate change on nitrogen biogeochemical cycling
ABE 313
Shweta Singh profile picture

Robert Swihart

Forestry And Natural Resources
Effects of climate change on plant-consumer interactions
PFEN 125
+1 765 49-43575
Robert Swihart profile picture

Nathan Thompson

Agricultural Economics
Economics, agricultural production, adaptation, technology, risk management
+1 765 494-0593
Nathanael Thompson profile picture

Mark Tilton

Political Science
Comparing climate change policies in advanced industrialized countries
BRNG 2216C
+1 765 49-44176
Mark Tilton profile picture

Cary Troy

Civil Engineering
Environmental fluid mechanics, turbulence and mixing in natural water bodies, Lake Michigan circulation
CIVL 1101D
+1 765 49-43844
Cary Troy profile picture

Wen-Wen Tung

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Tropical dynamics, observation-driven modeling of multiscale convective systems, cloud systems in climate, dynamical predictability, multiscale data analysis
CIVL 3219
+1 765 49-40272
Wen-Wen Tung profile picture

Ron Turco

Soil biology and N2O formation, carbon sequestration in agricultural systems, large data sets, water-food-energy-climate nexus
G-121 Lilly Hall or 126 AGAD
+1 765 49-48077
Ronald Turco profile picture

Wally Tyner

Agricultural Economics
Agriculture, biofuels, renewable energy, policy
Krannert 591B
+1 765 49-40199
Wallace Tyner profile picture

Dominique Van Der Mensbrugghe

Agricultural Economics
Focused on developing economies and particularly on the potential economic impacts from climate change—such as on crop yields, sea-level rise, health, etc.
KRAN 563
Dominique Van Der Mensbrugghe profile picture

Jeff Volenec

Physiological and biochemical mechanisms influencing growth and stress tolerance of plant species used for livestock feed and biofuels
LILY 2-327
+1 765 49-48071
Jeffrey Volenec profile picture

Lisa Welp-Smith

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Research on the exchange of water and carbon between the land biosphere and the atmosphere
HAMP 3239
Lisa Welp-Smith profile picture

Michael Wetzstein

Agricultural Economics
Economics, Food waste, Solar, Technology adoption, Wood pellets
KRAN 639
+1 765 494-4244
Michael Wetzstein profile picture

Jae Hoon David Yu

Civil Engineering and Political Science
Resilience of highly-engineered social-ecological systems to unexpected, emergent shocks. Research methods include mathematical and computational modeling, case study analysis, and behavioral experiments
Jae Hoon David Yu profile picture

Laura Zanotti

Anthropology Department
Environmental anthropologist and interdisciplinary social scientist who partners with communities to examine how local, mostly rural, livelihoods and well-being can be sustained and to identify the pathways that shape just futures
STON 323
Laura Zanotti profile picture

Hao Zhang

Statistics and Forestry and Natural Resources
Analysis of spatial and space-time data of climatology, geophysics, geology, natural resources, agriculture, health sciences, economics and marketing
+1 765 49-69548
Hao Zhang profile picture

Qianlai Zhuang

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences and Agronomy
Ecosystems dynamics; biogeochemical dynamics; interactions of biosphere, atmosphere, and human dimension
CIVL 2269
+1 765 49-49610
Qianlai Zhuang profile picture

Pat Zollner

Forestry And Natural Resources
Mechanistic modelling of animal movements in response to climate change and other anthropogenic impacts upon wildlife species
FORS 307
+1 765 49-69495
Patrick Zollner profile picture

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