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August 15, 2013

This year's PCCRC summer internship program offered Purdue undergraduates an opportunity to explore topics in climate change and gain hands-on experience working with climate models using Purdue’s Carter Supercomputer.  Center director Matthew Huber and graduate student Paul Acosta will mentor Kehao Zhu, Jake Stevens, and Miles Evans as these bright undergraduates develop their independent research projects. 

Read a bit about our interns below, and if you are interested in learning more about their specific research projects, visit our blog at http://purdueccrc.wordpress.com

Kehao (or K for short) Zhu is a transfer student from Chonqing, China. He will be a senior, majoring in biology. He has also worked with applied statistics, where he found an interest in data analysis. Because of this, he will also start his double major in mathematical statistics.

“I look forward to this research internship because it is my first opportunity work full time on a research project and I have chance to work with people from different background on this challenging topic.”

Jake Stevens is a rising sophomore from Crestwood, Illinois. He majors in computer engineering at Purdue. His work with both computer engineering and climate change will push him academically and push him into unknown areas.

“I believe working with climate change that results from human development will inspire me in my professional career to be a leader in ensuring that new technologies are developed with an eye on their sustainability and their impact on the climate. More directly, I am currently hoping to be involved professionally with some area of high performance computing, and being able to work with clusters here at Purdue is a really exciting opportunity for me.”

Miles Evans majors in environmental and ecological engineering, which led him to an internship with the Center. Miles is looking forward to expanding his knowledge of complex global environmental problems related to climate change.

“As a permanent resident of ‘spaceship Earth,’ I, like everyone, am invested in the health and well-being of the Earth System.  It is my hope that modeling efforts, like ours, will serve to educate people and inform decisions on a governmental and global scale to a greater extent than at the present.”

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