Synergistic Effects between Lignin Genetic Variants and Maleic Acid Catalysis

Synergistic Effects Results We established tandem catalytic reactions for deoxygenation of molecules derived from cellulose and xylan. We developed a dual-function maleic acid catalyst that fractionates intact biomass to yield water-soluble pentoses that convert to furfural at high yields (>70%) when the reaction temperature is raised (Kim et al. 2012). Chemists and biologists revealed an impact of maleic acid catalysis on cell-cell adhesion when applied to biomass with modified (high syringyl) lignin composition. By gaining control over lignin composition and structure via modifying expression of enzymes in the lignin biosynthetic pathway, the synergistic impact is to disrupt the middle lamella between cells upon treatment with maleic acid (Ciesielski et al. 2014). This has the potential to dramatically reduce energy inputs for biomass comminution.

Synergistic Effects Results


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