Goal 1.
Develop Catalytic And Pyrolytic Processes Specifically Designed For The Structural Complexity Of Biomass.

  • Theme 1.1 Selectively disassemble cell wall components into easily separable and upgradeable fractions.
  • Theme 1.2 Discover and develop efficient catalytic upgrading of intermediate reaction products to hydrocarbon liquid fuels.
  • Theme 1.3 Process combinations of biomass components, including extraction residues, whole biomass and genetic variants.

Goal 2.
Redesign The Structure Of Biomass For Carbon- And Energy-efficient Catalytic And Pyrolytic Transformations.

  • Theme 2.1 Redesign macromolecular lignin and cellulose microfibrils.
  • Theme 2.2 Streamline the delivery of catalysts designed to interact with biomass.
  • Theme 2.3 Develop the molecular design principles to enhance bioenergy plants with properties of easy disassembly, higher carbon density, and maximized reaction product yield.

Goal 3.
deliver Innovative Pathways For Targeted Product Portfolios From Tailored Biomass.

  • Theme 3.1 Obtain fundamental understanding of cell wall biopolymer interactions and transport phenomena in intact biomass and during conversion processes
  • Theme 3.2. Discover how networks of reactions can be combined to reduce energy inputs and enhance the carbon-efficiency of biomass transformations through a systems-level molecular mapping of substrates to reaction products.