Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics

Light is the cornerstone of our modern information society. It uniquely can transmit information at the ultimate speed of the universe. However, it is a daunting challenge to miniaturize photonic devices to the nanometer scale because of the weak coupling between light and matter. Nanophotonic engineering with carefully chosen materials and geometries can dramatically enhance the interaction of nanoscale structures with light. This revolution in optics has led to the creation of whole new types of sensors, ultrafast switches, and artificially engineered materials (metamaterials) which have properties and functionalities unattainable in naturally occurring materials. Moving into the future, nanophotonics and metamaterials promise to play a key role across an astonishing variety of technologies. Just a few examples are: refractory plasmonics to be used in power generation, metamaterials and lenses for AR/VR, and the rapidly developing field of quantum nanophotonic devices that will power quantum communication and information processing. The frontier of optics is truly infinite!