M/NEMS for RF Engineering, Transducers and Sensors

Researchers at the Birck Nanotechnology Center are leading projects in the areas of RF MEMS, Inertial Sensors, Biomedical Devices and Wireless Interfaces. RF MEMS research focuses on component level design of high quality widely-tunable filters, novel filter architectures, circulators, and small antennas as well as materials and transducer research in micromachining of Aluminum Nitride, Lithium Niobate, YIG, and 2D van der Waals materials. In the biomedical space our research focuses on wearable devices for monitoring health and wellness, implantable devices, flexible printed sensors, lab-on-a-chip, soft actuators/robotics, and transducers for neural engineering. The research extends to wireless interface design such as reconfigurable power amplifiers, high power electronics, wireless sensors, MEMS-embedded-inside-CMOS, and adapting MEMS components and sensors for quantum and harsh environments.