M/NEMS for RF Engineering, Transducers and Sensors

Researchers at the Birck Nanotechnology Center are leading projects in the areas of reconfigurable communication systems, programmable electromechanical signal processors, inertial, magnetic and microwave sensors, and tunable radars. A variety of technologies are employed in these fields including widely-tunable high-quality MEMS resonators and filters, acoustic MEMS resonators (e.g. programmable AlGaN/GaN resonators and multi-frequency LiNbO3 resonators), reconfigurable GaN power amplifiers, and plasma-based tunable circuits and antennas. Furthermore, the group also works on a wide variety of sensors that leverage coupled MEMS and photonic, spin and cold atom systems. Significant advancements have also been demonstrated in the areas of wireless sensors for condition-base maintenance for harsh environment applications, pharmaceutical process manufacturing, and energy harvesting (e.g. vibration-based and wireless powering). Work in this area is funded by a number of government agencies, national laboratories, and industry partners.