BioMEMS and Medical Microsystems

The BioMEMS and Medical Microsystem research at the Birck Nanotechnology Center is an internationally recognized translational effort to address important clinical problems. Our research combines both hard (silicon) and soft (polymeric) micromachining techniques (from cleanroom micro-scale fabrication to low-cost laser and inkjet printing) to design and develop novel biomedical sensors, actuators, and microsystems. These include implantable microdevices for cancer treatment, flexible bioelectronics for smart wound management, and drug delivery systems.  Recently, we have initiated a significant research program using ultra-soft elastomers (for conforming to tissue/organs), functional polymers with unique surface properties (for automatic response to changing microenvironments), as well as paper and fabrics to manufacture inexpensive, wearable, and disposable diagnostics/therapeutics. We collaborate closely with life sciences researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Pharmacy at Purdue as well as with clinicians at the Indiana University School of Medicine.