Kirk Endowment Exploratory Research Recharge Grants


Owing to the generosity of Mary Jo and Robert l. Kirk in endowing the Birck Nanotechnology Center Director position, funds are available to explore new avenues of research in the BNC.


A typical scenario would involve a faculty member or a group of faculty members wishing to acquire preliminary results for a new unfunded line of research that has potential to enhance the prospects for sustained external funding.


These grants are only to be used to cover BNC recharge and lab access fees, and cannot be used to support salaries, materials and supplies, travel, etc.

No lead PI may have more than one Kirk grant at a given time.

Repeat applicants must include a statement describing the outcomes of previously awarded Kirk grant(s).


Download application form

To apply, email the completed form to the BNC Director.

Each request will be considered on an individual basis, and a decision will typically be made within one week of the receipt of a request.

To maintain flexibility, there are no fixed submission deadlines. Grants may be approved at any time, pending availability of funds.