Placing Orders

  • Fill out a Purchase Request Form
    • Must Include
      • Vendor Information (mailing address, email, phone, URL)
      • End User (your name and building it should be delivered to)
      • Items (Quantity, item description, and part #, unit price, total price)
      • Current Quote
      • Explanation of how the purchase will benefit the project (account it is being purchased from)
      • Account number
      • PI Approval (signature on printed form or email approval)
      • Send to BNC order clerk (info below)
    • Providing detailed information for the order will help expedite the process and avoid delays due to missing information
  • PR/PO will be emailed to you when order has been placed

BNC Order Clerk: Brenda Meador

Location: Front Atrium Desk


Phone: 765-494-7053